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January 07, 2022

This is a written interview. Besides making minor corrections, we have tried to be as true to his speech as possible. The transcript is in his own words.

 Greg Isaac Boateng

What is your name, and where do you live at the moment?
— I'm Greg Isaac Boateng from Ghana and currently living in Accra, Ghana.


How old are you and when did you marry?
— I'm 31 years of age and married in October 2020.


Tell me a bit about your family. How many kids, their age, have come to faith?
— My wife is Mrs. Rebecca Adofowaa. She is pregnant, and that's our first child. We are all Christians.


When did you come to faith?
— I was born into a Christian family and have been a Christian since birth. I understood and accepted Christ as my Lord and savior in the university (2012)


Describe to me the moment you surrendered your life to Jesus Christ?
— Though I was born into a Christian family, my life was on and off until I went for a cell meeting, I felt the presence of the Holy Spirit after the ministration, and I wept bitterly. I then accepted the Lord as my savior.


How would you answer them if anyone would ask you how you know God is real?
— I know and believe God is real because of His dealings and manifestations in my life. There are countless situations I have encountered, and I have been able to overcome, and I know there is some strongman who came to my aid. I have a lot of testimonies to back this. Sometimes, I feel down, but when I pray and begin to talk to God and read my Bible, I feel a sense of peace, encouragement, and boldness to continue and not give up.


Tell me a bit about your prayer life. Do you pray alone or together with your wife/children/other families?
— I do Pray alone most often. My wife is not here with me now, but we used to pray together when she was here.


Describe to me about your Church. Is it in a home or a separate building?
— I fellowship with The Seed of Christ Church International. We initially fellowshipped in a classroom, but we move into our structure.


How many people attend there and how many times?
— We are about 30 members, excluding kids, but we are always more than that because people visit us during service because of our evangelism.


How would you describe your safety when you attend these Church services?
— We are a little safe until there is rain since it is an open area with just poles with roofing sheets.


Are there any other religious groups where you live, and describe how you interact with them?
— Yes, there are a lot of religious groups here. We have cordial relationships, and I sometimes pay them to visit their seminars, services, and programs. I often engage their youth in most Christian programs.


Has your Christian faith ever caused you difficulties? If so, tell me about it?
— A lot😊but I can share a few. I remember we went to a traditional community to evangelize, and we were chased out. We also had to walk for more than two hours to evangelize, feed the people, and a lot.


What are the most pressing issues daily your community is facing?
— They have to walk long distances for water. It's also a farming community, and the covid has impacted their lives negatively. Most kids are home cos they don't have the requirements to be in school.


What would be needed to solve this?
— Pipe, food, learning materials, probably helping or supporting their petty businesses.


You are working on your nonprofit organization. Please, tell me more about this?
— My organization is geared towards helping the less privileged kids. They are the future. I grew a homeless boy without parents, so my heart breaks when I see kids in the same situation. It's easier for them to fall into bad companies and ruin their future, so my organization is to help such kids to achieve their goals in life to glorify Christ and help the community in return. We try to do our best to provide education and educational needs. We set libraries and a computer lab for less endowed schools, primarily rural areas. We then use that opportunity to draw them to Christ. We set drama group who will perform during our programs. We also embark on evangelical trips to villages to spread the gospel. We believe that there are no "little people" in the body of Christ, and there is no "insignificant" ministry, so we will use our God's given talents and potentials to spread the gospel.


Where do you see yourself and the organization in the next five years and ten years?
To reach and help the majority of the communities in Ghana and Africa for Christ.


There are many stories on the internet about Muslims that have dreams about Jesus and come to faith in Christ. This is also happening all over the Middle East and Asia. Have you heard about this? 
— Yes, I have heard, and I know some people who took that bold decision.


Is there something you want to share with our persecuted Christian brothers and sisters worldwide?
— They should keep the faith. We are in this with them. They are always in our hearts and prayers. They should keep fighting the good fight for Christ is with them, and Great is their reward in Heaven.


Is there something you want to share with our Christian brothers and sisters in the West (Europe, North America, Australia)?
— I pray God to bless and keep you in this challenging moment. I pray Psalm 23 over your lives in the difficult times. And may 2nd Timothy 4:7 be your portion. Lots of Love from Greg


Is there something you want to tell?
— May God grant us Grace for this race

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