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December 14, 2021

To protect the safety of this young Pakistani Christian girl, we’ve changed her name and blurred her face. We call her Sarah. This is a written interview. Besides making minor corrections, we have tried to be as true to her speech as possible. The transcript is in her own words.

 Interview with Sarah, a persecuted young Pakistani Christian girl

Interview with Sarah, a persecuted young Pakistani Christian girl

What is your name and where do you live at the moment?
My name is Sarah
I'm from a small place situated near the industrial city of Gujranwala, Punjab, Pakistan

Did you grow up there?
Yes, I grow up here

How old are you and when did you marry?
I'm 21 years old 
I got married at the age of 18.

Tell me a bit about your family, how many kids, their age?
l live with my husband family, and there are six members in my family 
my Father in law 
An Evangelist and an retired elder 
mother in law 
Another Evangelist
And Sister in law

She also helps me in teaching the bible to children every single day 
Particularly on Sunday
I have a gift from God 
A son
Two years old 
He teaches the bible to children and adults 
and preach the gospel in different areas and muslims, and we both are doing the Kingdom work of God.
We all family members are constantly on the mission that many enter into his Kingdom.

When did you come to faith?
I was born in a Christian family, and I have always tried my best to live for Christ all my life. 

Describe to me the moment you surrendered your life to Jesus Christ?
Since my childhood, I'm living with Christ Jesus 
But I will tell you a story of my life 
When I was 11 years old 
I was hurt by my family and my friends 
I pray to God in tears and with a broken heart
That no one like me 
So please do something like that. No one can dislike me 
everyone loves me as I love others.
So from that moment, I received love from my family and others, even those I didn’t even know or even had never seen before. People, I didn’t know suddenly wanted to become friends with me. 
I thank God for such a great miracle in my life. 
and the second one is 
that whenever I asked God for help or anything 
God provided me 
And it is the great love and kindness and his tender mercy which he does upon me always he never disappointed me. 
I am grateful to God for every moment. 
And I declare Jesus is the living son of God and the king of my life, my all in all.

How did you experience receiving the Holy Spirit?
So as I was born in a Christian family and lived my life with Jesus, the holy spirit is already inside of me, and he did a lot of great things in my life and through me in others.
And by the spirit of God, we have a connection with God the father. 
Because the holy spirit told us and guided us as he heard from God the father.
So I thank God for his Holy Spirit, and we are the temple of the holy ghost. 
Glory be to God that he makes us holy.

How would you answer them if anyone would ask you how you know God is real?
When we see a building 
I think about the builder who made the building. 
So when we see the universe and nature, we also think about who made this all. 
So we can see in the bible that God created heavens and earth at the beginning. 
So that is the creator of the creation. 
So if a friend never met me personally
He never can tell you about me anything 
So when he sees me will talk to me and will hear me, then he will be able to tell you anything about me 
So we see our image 
we think who our designer is
And that is God 
Who created man from the soil of the earth, and he created us in his image. 
So until we never know Jesus personally, we can never understand that God is real.
You know Philip said to Jesus 
Show us the father it is enough for us 
Jesus said from how long I am with you 
did you not see me 
who sees me has seen the father that sent me.
So that is so amazing
that the designer and creator of the creation and the universe 
become creations 
And he becomes flesh and lived with us, and we saw his glory as of the glory of the only begotten of God 
So I can feel him with me every moment 
he said I never leave you alone 
and he shows himself by his glorious works which he has done by his servants 
AND we can feel him in our soul and spirit.
but here in Pakistan, I think all believe that God is real. Because it is a muslim country, and muslims believe in God whom they say, Allah.

Tell me a bit about your prayer life. Do you pray alone or together with your husband/children/other families?
We pray day and night before going to sleep and after getting up in the morning with my family and personally.
And we try to spend our time with God whenever I am free.
and without him 
I mean, not praying 
we feel uncomfortable. 
Because he is my comfort, my refuge, my shepherd and shield, my rock, my deliverer and defender, my savior and Lord in whom I put my trust. 
And we also teach the bible to children every day, and at night we go door to door for spreading the word of God and encouraging the people to be strong in faith.
And during the daytime, we go outside in different towns and villages to preach the gospel. 
we also pray after midnight 
because it is a beautiful time to talk with God and to hear him
prayer is the key to heaven 
and Jesus said
pray and watch 
And blessed are those who wait for the Lord to hear his voice.

What is the sin you still struggle yourself the most with?
I think there is no, but one of my weaknesses is that I got a mind and am sometimes angry but for some minutes. 

How would you describe your relationship with Jesus Christ?
as for me, to live is Christ and to die is gain 
he is my savior and Lord 
he is my king 
and my heavenly father 
And through Christ, we have become the children of God, and we are the body of Christ Jesus, and we are the branches of the true vine 
And we are no more servants because a servant does not know what his boss does 
we are friends of Christ 
And he is my life.
I live for him and do his work and run the race he has for each of us.
And he is my life, and I live for him and do his work and run the race what he has for each of us.

How are your children coping with living a persecuted life?
Because see the persecution first hand, their faith is getting strong 
and they are ready to be sacrificed for the name of the Lord Jesus Christ 
For they know that he will give them the eternal life and the unperishable crown of life. And it is God who strengthens us all 
we can do nothing without him.
he said 
I will never leave you alone. 
And those children who never heard the word of God easily accept all that muslims said to them. So that is why we are teaching the bible to children every day that their faith be strong in Christ Jesus and they shine in the world and many souls be saved in Jesus name. 

Describe to me about your Church. Is it in a home or a separate building?
We have a home church here, and we need a building to worship the Lord and other services, but there are many church buildings in big cities. 

How many people attend these services, and how many times?
They attend all services 
whenever we have 

How would you describe your safety when you attend these Church services?
God is our protection and refuge and shield 
And we put our trust in Him. 
But the government also provides us security when we need it.
But sometimes the security for our churches are destroyed by terrorist or muslim groups.

What are the hardships you and your family personally face in muslim-dominated Pakistan?
We are hated by muslims,
and warned and killed.
having no rights 
nor freedom 
but doing all this with us, we never give up. We do the work of God, and God is protecting us.
And we give glory to God 
here are also a few good muslims who don't hate us.

Are there any other religious groups where you live, and describe how you interact with them?
Yes, muslims live here with us, and there are also many denominations among them 
some hate us, some want to kill us, some want to have good relations with us, and some want us to leave Pakistan and go to our Christian countries in Europe or the USA. 

Has anyone ever been arrested in your community for your faith?

Can you tell me a bit more about this?
Yes, brother, many are persecuted and arrested because of faith.
Once, a Christian man just posted a pic on FB 
that the meat of sacrifice we should not eat and sacrifice the animals, and because it is against Christ’s sacrifice for us all.
So muslims persecute him and his all family 
and police arrested.
And he is in jail.
And once a Christian boy was getting an education in an academy there, the muslims guys said to that boy to accept Islam, but he denied it, and they beat and killed him. 
once a brother was in the slavery of a muslim man, and they killed another Christian brother who was also in slavery 
And when police arrived, they said that this man had killed him, so police arrested him 
once a little girl was getting an education in a school, the muslims accused her that she had torn their quran 
And she was persecuted and arrested. 
here are many cases 
that Christians are persecuted and detained because of faith 
if we accept Islam 
they can never harm us 
but as we are Christian 
So they firstly accused and then persecuted 
And if the police arrived at the time, they were sometimes arrested, and sometimes they see staying there and allow muslims to kill us or to burn alive. 
There are many cases where people are arrested because of faith and Christian. But 
firstly, they find a way to accuse and then persecute or kill or beat till death or burnt alive or hang on after persecution. 
Once a Christian family was in the slavery of muslims, they put all the family alive in the fire, even the little children. 
And once a whole village they put on fire because there were all Christians.
There are a lot of Christian who are in jail 
because they are Christian, but every one of them is there in prison because of accusations. 
here no one Christian does wrong anything, but they accuse people and persecute them or arrested

Our Christian girls are kidnapped by muslims 
they raped. And force them to accept Islam. 
They persecute them also. 
and they are not back to their parents ever

It mostly happens when they go to muslims schools to get an education. 
Or when they travel to school by bus or auto rickshaws.

Once a Christian couple got married, and when they returned home, the muslims kidnapped them and raped the bride and others, and bound the bridegroom. And his father and raped with the mom of the bridegroom and sister and the wife of the bridegroom, who was not touched even by his husband before the eyes of the bridegroom and his father.
and they persecute them also

you can see in the video which I sent you that police is there but allowing those guys to burnt that man
and to beat and to kill.

What are the most pressing issues in your community you are daily facing?
Yes, we have many, but one of them is significant, and that is to be not a Christian school here for Christian children, particularly girls, 
because they kidnapped our little girls and raped 
and forced them and punished them so they would accept Islam and had to marry an old muslim. 
And there are no jobs for young Christian girls 
when they go to muslim homes, and they do what they want to us.
So I am praying that God provides us a stitching center here where these women and young girls can work, live an easy life, and grow in faith.

How much money would you need to solve this?
I think 20 to 30 thousand dollars
but it is not confirm
God will make it happen. 

There are many stories about muslims that have dreams about Jesus and come to faith in Christ. This is also happening in Pakistan. Have you heard about this?
Yes I heard 

Can you tell me a bit more about this?
Alright, brother, no problem. 

Yes, muslims are converting to Christianity by the grace of God. 
Those who try to seek the truth or, for example, how the disciple Paul came to faith.
There is power in the word of God that changes the hearts.

So as for dreaming and accepting Jesus as their Lord 
so a man went to vist the mekkah and madina for hajj 
and there he saw Jesus in a dream 
and from that day, he gave his life to Jesus 
before this, he was a drug addict and constantly quarreled with his wife.

And Secondly, a man challenges a pastor here that if he drinks poison and does not die, he will accept Christianity and Jesus Christ. 
So the pastor said, bring me here poison in a glass, and I will drink it and not die. 
So the pastor also challenged and said to that muslim man that he would not die, but he had to wash his face with the urine of an honorable muslim man whom they call moulvi (equal to the pastor). 
So he did not accept the challenge. 
And he began to think about the faith of that pastor and how excellent his faith is and that he didn’t fear to drink the poison. 
So after three days, he visited that pastor again and accepted Jesus Christ as his savior and Lord. 

And once a muslim man who was educated 
when he searched all about Islam, honestly 
he prayed to God to show him the right way, so Jesus showed himself, and he accepted Jesus.

Once a man who belongs to Sikhism once he decided to commit suicide 
and said if there is any true God, he will show himself to me 
so Jesus showed himself to him, and he accepted Jesus 

And there are many muslims who accepted Jesus but live secretly because here if any muslim hears that anyone accepted Jesus, will be killed.

Many muslims read the quran and find the truth about Jesus Christ, and they accept Jesus.

Because there are many things about Jesus Christ, many times more than Mohammad. 
they find from the quran that Jesus is the creator
and he raised the dead 
and he healed every kind of disease and a lot of miracles 
And he was born by the power of holy spirit 
And he is alive 
And he is in heaven. 
so these things made them think
about Jesus Christ 
and on the other hand 
Mohammad is dead 
he did not find any miracle 
there are not many things about Mohammad, and he is not in heaven 
he did not give any hope.

Is there something you want to tell, perhaps a personal message to the Christians in the West (Europe, USA)?
The message which I want to send to my brothers and sisters in Christ Jesus 
is that here people love you so much 
and want to see you and visit you and wants to take a breath in the air of liberty and freedom 
So they need your love and prayers and fellowship and brotherhood. 
God bless Europe, the USA, Australia, Canada, and from Africa, Asia, to Israel.
Bless all earth and all the creation, and every living thing bless the Lord


Interview with Sarah, a persecuted young Pakistani Christian girl
If you would like to get in contact with Sarah, write us a message and we will make it happen. 


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