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Our mission is to digitally broadcast the Gospel to the far ends of the world and supporting local communities to advance the Kingdom of the Lord Jesus Christ.

• We are people of the Bible.
• We are people of prayer.
• We live and work by faith.
• We are part of the Body of Christ.
• We are devoted to Jesus Christ and His commission.
• We are motivated solely for the glory of God.

Our office is registered in the Netherlands.

Stichting Studio Christ | Studio Christ Foundation
Marterkoog 7B, 1822BK Alkmaar, Netherlands
Chamber of commerce: Kvk 84158123
RSIN: 863116449

Partner organizations in the regions we serve are responsible for surfacing needs and prioritizing them. Every three years, these partners undergo a strategic planning process to assess the needs of persecuted Christians in each location, determine how they can best meet those needs, and estimate the cost of satisfying those needs. We evaluate and adjust this information every year based on new learnings and areas of greatest need. We distribute this information to all sectors in our network. After determining costs, we work together daily to ensure that all requirements are met as fully and consistently as possible.

We frequently include stories about the impact of our program and the people served by them in our magazine, newsletter, e-mails and other platforms. You should never be short on examples of people helped through your giving!

Studio Christ is committed to financial credibility and transparency. After the close of the year, our records are reviewed, and our books are audited in a process that takes several months. We then prepare a summary of our spending and impact in our annual report.


Yes!  We’re currently still able to accept orders and ship internationally. We’d recommend ordering to addresses that you know you’ll be able to access, such as your home, as opposed to business addresses that may have restricted access.

We’re trying to. However, delays are happening internationally.

Our most recent update is that we're currently only shipping from our warehouses from Monday to Friday. However, we'll be catching up on weekend orders at the start of the week, so it may take a few days for you to receive your shipping confirmation email. So don't panic, we've received your order & are working as quickly as we can to dispatch it, without compromising the safety of our team.

We’ll be sure to communicate any significant delays with you using the email address that you enter at checkout.

We understand that you may now need to amend your delivery addresses, and some couriers have a self-service option that allows you to do this. If this option is available to you, it’ll be included in the tracking information sent to you when your order’s left the warehouse. If the option isn’t available on your tracking link, then the courier doesn’t have the ability to do this. Unfortunately, the Studio Christ Support Team aren’t able to amend the delivery address of your order once it’s been placed.

The Studio Christ family will always be a priority, and we’re doing all we can to protect the safety and wellbeing of our family across the world, while continuing to provide the best Studio Christ experience possible, as safely as we can.   For now, working from home has become the everyday norm for our entire team, with the only exceptions to this being the team members with’ business critical’ roles who must be physically present in our offices.  This is a very small percentage of our entire team and we are strictly following official advice to uphold social distancing and the highest standards of hygiene for this key group. Our offices across the world have made operational changes, too - including more regular cleaning, entry/exit control and restrictions in common areas – to protect the wellbeing of anyone and everyone in the offices.

Our attitude and approach is exactly the same throughout our supply chain. We’ve increased focus on our distribution centres to maximise safety, enforcing social distancing and minimise the spread of COVID-19. Ensuring the highest possible customer experience has always been our main driving force. In these times the health and safety of people throughout our supply chain must be our priority, so this may mean a slight delay to orders, but we trust you’ll understand, and support, the steps we’re taking in these global circumstances.

Studio Christ is operating as safely as we can, while giving our best to operate at the highest standards we can. We’re taking every opportunity to offer our team support and guidance as closely as possible, even while separated by distance. In true Studio Christ style, we’ve introduced activities and exercises to keep everyone’s physical and mental health at its best.   Our message to the Studio Christ family is simple: Stay Home. Stay Safe. Save Lives.   We’re stronger when we pull together.


Absolutely nothing. We offer free worldwide shipping.

After your payment is verified, it takes up to 1-4 days to process and ship your order. This does not include weekends or holidays. Purchases made after 11 am CET will not be shipped out until the next business day. If you order after 11 am PST on a Friday, your order will likely be shipped out on the following Monday.

North America, Europe, Australia, New Zealand (5-15 days). The rest of the world takes up to 14-29 days due to Covid-19 delays and the shipping container crisis.

Transit times are estimates only and not guaranteed. Most shipments arrive within the estimated timeframe, but a small percentage are experiencing long delays during the pandemic. Some international packages have taken over two months to come. Once a shipment has left our possession and is in the hands of the delivery service, we have no control over it or access to information other than the tracking number. If there could be done to speed your delivery along, we would most definitely do it! We understand the frustration of waiting longer than anticipated, and thank you for your patience. 

If you do not receive your order in a couple days, please email our support team, within 14 days of the last tracking update, with your order number and tracking information so that we may assist you further.

While the shipping and transportation industry seems like everything in it would be pretty straightforward, there’s a whole lot that goes on behind the scenes that we don’t see. For us, it’s a few clicks of a button, and then two days later, our order shows up at our door. It takes the work of dozens of people—and sometimes hundreds and thousands—to get every product and package to where it needs to be. If you’ve ever wondered why something might take longer than you expect to arrive, take a look at the most common causes of shipping delays.

Lack Of Visibility
Ensuring clear visibility throughout the supply chain is vital for ensuring a safe and timely shipment from one end to another. Without it, organizations may become victim to countless inefficiencies, leading to delays, damage, or losing loads. Betting on technology to deliver clarity throughout the shipping process is a sure way for delivery companies to gain and maintain a competitive advantage. Delivery software can provide couriers and their customers with transparency throughout the delivery process.

Inadequate Technology
Old software or antique hardware poses enormous problems for delivery companies since it limits integrating new technologies and access features that help mitigate shipment delays. Investing in the proper hardware alongside cloud-based software can provide a more holistic approach that enables couriers, 3PL, logistics, and transportation companies to stay connected and profit from real-time data.

Motor Vehicle Troubles
Vehicle breakdowns are bound to happen at some point in time. From this standpoint, if a study occurs during a shipment, there are unavoidable delays, not much to do about it. It turns out technology can provide a solution even in dire cases. With web-based tracking, courier companies can locate and dispatch the nearest driver to the vehicle experiencing issues and relay all necessary packages to the end destination on time and in priority sequence.

At this point, finding a city without any traffic is close to impossible. Between construction, accidents, major roadblocks, and detours, it is becoming increasingly common to hear of people experiencing delays during their transit. Courier drivers can take advantage of route optimization software.  It can pinpoint the fastest route possible and update it in real-time to avoid delay-inducing events.

High Volume Shipments
A sudden or unexpected increase in shipment delivery volumes can overwhelm a delivery company that is not equipped with an adequate software system. This is most common during the holiday season when the shopping extravaganza begins. As online orders skyrocket, so does the requirement of courier management software, which can efficiently distribute the sound volume to drivers through the most efficient routes.

Supply Chain
Logistics management is a significant factor in shipping, and problems throughout the supply chain might result in shipping delays. It’s challenging to keep up with the rapid pace of change when the United States imposes tariffs and other countries across the world reciprocate. Other problems in the supply chain include a lack of raw materials, recalls for safety reasons, financial instability, cargo theft, and sometimes even environmental issues. Shipping businesses aren’t the only ones who must prepare for such dangers. Companies that ship worldwide face supply chain hurdles since they must be equipped with backup plans in case problems develop.

Port Congestion
A carrier ship may arrive in port on schedule, but vessels are likely running late ahead of it. As a result, ports must hire more personnel to handle ship unloading, which might take over many days. Shipping delays occur for a variety of reasons, not just those related to congestion at the port. For trucking companies to transfer shipments, they need to know the arrival timetable of the ships. Otherwise, they can’t plan their calendars. Then there are logistical concerns to contend with.

Shifting to an international perspective, as a carrier facing customs, you must ensure that all the required documents are present and filled in to avoid issues. Without the proper documentation, delays are inevitable, and it can quickly escalate to further complications if authorities decide to inspect your cargo. In the situation where goods are held at customs, retailers need to have a backup plan.  Part of the backup plan is partnerships with reliable courier services which keep documents accurate.

Weather Conditions
Based on seasonal weather patterns, shipments coming from other countries can be incredibly full of uncertainties. Hurricanes and other severe storms can cause significant delays throughout shipping lanes and ports, and they can even prevent ships from leaving the dock altogether. For example, although Florida may be warm and bright, your source in Minnesota may be buried under several feet of snow. Accidents and slowdowns on the highway can cause your shipment to be delayed even before it leaves. This is the most common cause of shipping delays.

Lost Packages
Probably the most frustrating experience for a customer to endure always starts with the question: “Where is my package?”. What causes a lost package? There are quite a few possibilities which can range from a simple misplacement, damaged shipping label, or merely an accidental removal. Technology to the rescue? Proof of Delivery can play a considerable role in protecting all parties involved, from the organization to the intended receiver. With real-time tracking and tracing capabilities, the courier and the customer will always know where the package is during the delivery process.

Failed Delivery Attempt
Taking the spotlight off of courier companies, customers may be the cause of a failed delivery attempt if no one was there to receive the package. If an effort has been made to deliver the box, the driver will have to move to pending orders to avoid delays.  The fact is they usually have a fixed amount of time to wait for an answer (hint: it’s very short). Fortunately, this issue can be easily solved with the right track and trace system. This ensures that your customers are updated in real-time and know when they should be home to receive the package.

Lack of Clarity
A common issue that can occur when operating without reliable courier software is illegible handwriting.  Given the nature of the delivery industry, opting for pen and paper can lead to recurring mistakes or mishaps happening. Shipping labels play a crucial part also.  If they are of poor quality, it can pose problems for couriers when reading or scanning them. In essence, depending on the human element for tasks that can be automated can lead to slight unreliability.

Why are there so many shipping delays?
A carrier ship may arrive in port on schedule, but vessels are likely running late ahead of it. As a result, ports must hire more personnel to handle ship unloading, which might take over many days. Shipping delays occur for a variety of reasons, not just those related to congestion at the port. For trucking companies to transfer shipments, they need to know the arrival timetable of the ships.

In the past, shipping containers are valued at around $2,000. Today, the price for a 40-foot shipping container has gone up to $9,000. CNBC reported that the cost of goods transported from Asia to the West Coast of America has increased by 145%. It also doesn’t help that China, the world’s leading producer of goods, is now on the road to economic recovery, thus there is now a growing increase for products rather than services. 

This will ultimately lead to an imbalance of global trade since shipping containers are now more expensive but are only available in fewer numbers.

Around 170 million shipping containers were used to transport 90% of the world’s goods before the global pandemic. Today, COVID 19 has left global shipping lines with backlogs and delays due to labor shortages, coupled with reduced capacity in logistic systems, together with port congestion and quarantined cargo.

The container price crisis is an ongoing economic problem due to the high demand and price of shipping crates.

What countries are affected?

Almost all countries rely on shipping companies for trade, particularly China and the United States.

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