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Project: Outreach of Jesus Accra, Ghana

Studio Christ is a nonprofit organization in the Netherlands to advance the gospel online and in the real world. We partner with pastors in Ghana (West Africa) to establish technology centers to teach underprivileged men and women computing skills, word processing, essential IT, and other valuable job skills.

Our goal is to provide computers and bibles for vocational and religious training at eight community centers in the capital of Ghana. These centers are run by local Christians, who run computer and religion classes, respectively. The computers would be used for teaching children Microsoft Office and creating websites to promote their education. The bibles would be used for distributing among these eight community centers so that every student has a bible with them throughout their journey at the center.

A computer center for disadvantaged youth, a place where they can develop IT skills. The project is a start-up in a building that was formerly a community hall and a Bible school. The aim of Studio Christ is to create a center where disadvantaged young people from the neighborhood will be able to acquire basic IT skills. Students who complete the program will receive a Junior Java Certificate and can apply for jobs as junior programmers or junior system administrators.

At Studio Christ, our mission is to improve education in Ghana by creating learning outlets for the children living in poverty. We are now building our first center in Accra, Ghana, called "Outreach of Jesus" This center with classrooms, a computer lab, offices, and dormitory facilities. We are now asking for donations towards the purchase of 100 computers and 500 bibles for our community in Accra, the capital of Ghana.

We need your donations to purchase these computers and bibles and we believe if we can raise €14,000 we will bless many lives and help create a better future.